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Fräulein Couture

Druzy Quartz over Malachite, Chrysocolla with Selenite Crystals

Druzy Quartz over Malachite, Chrysocolla with Selenite Crystals

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This beautiful piece of Druzy Quartz covering Malachite, Chrysocolla crystal has several selenite shards extending out. It is completely natural and unpolished. Really sparkly piece to enjoy on your altar or as a statement piece in your home. 

Malachite is one of the most important minerals for protecting against negative energies. It fills our auric fields with positivity, while simultaneously pushing all the negativity outwards. Malachite is known to create a “cloak of invisibility” around the user. This will remove you from certain confrontations and make you less susceptible to negative energies. Malachite opens the heart and will allow for balance on all levels.
Druzy Quartz meaning is all about balance, harmony, inner peace, and a stronger spirit.


4.5 cm x 4 cm x 2 cm 

Weight: 26.7 grams 

Photos were taken in natural light. Crystal is all natural, meaning there may be some slight “imperfections” by way of dings, fissures or fractures from growth and mining process. 
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