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Champagne Topaz Crystal - Raw

Champagne Topaz Crystal - Raw

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This little and beautiful Champagne Topaz crystal is 100% natural and unpolished. It features a terminated point and has some matrix attached. 

Champagne Topaz is a stone of spirtitual connection and a great friend when you are doing your cosmic ordering or manifestations. It can release anger and the negative emotions anger builds up. It promotes success along with inspiring you to use your creative imagination.


*Topaz = 1.6 cm x 1 cm x .5 cm 
*With Matrix = 2.7 cm x 2 cm x 1.2 cm

Weight: 4.6 grams 

Photos were taken outside using natural light. Topaz is all natural; which means there may be some slight “imperfections” by way of dings, fissures or fractures from growth and mining process.
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