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Calcite Angel Wing Crystal - Healing Crystal

Calcite Angel Wing Crystal - Healing Crystal

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This Selenite crystal has a unique formation referred to as ‘Angel Wing’. Also features a pyramid terminated point. It is 100% natural and unpolished. Would make a wonderful addition to your altar or as a statement piece in your home. 

Angel Wing Calcite is beneficial for core soul healing, insight, and angelic contact. The high vibration of this crystal stimulates the soul star, stellar gateway, and other higher Crown Chakras, bringing in spiritual light. It opens psychic abilities and facilitates angelic contact by receiving guidance from the highest of levels. It assists in being comfortable with integrating the light body, and grounds higher dimensional energies in the physical plane.

It teaches discernment and patience in making decisions and not rushing into anything before you consider all sides. It restores hope and motivation, energizing and uplifting you on all levels.


4” x 2.5” x 2” 

Weight: approx 11 oz. 

Photos were taken outside using natural light. Everything you see is all natural; which means there may be some light “imperfections” by way of dings, fissures or fractures from growth and mining process. 
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